0.19.0 release notes

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As per the roadmap planned for this release following points have been covered, all instances are updated with the same. For any further support regarding the update you can email us at support@adeptstation.com

Release date: 19th feb. 2020

Note: Strikethrough points are not covered/postponed in this release. We will take them once we have more clarity on the same.

Purchase requisition

  • Purchase requisition to be linked with sales/work order & improve UI/UX


  • While creating GRN add filter of vendor before selecting open PO#
  • GRN print with minimal data
  • GRN Master to add PO# & vendor wise filters & add pagination

Purchase Order

  • PO approval & access rights
  • Include custom products and services rule while processing PO
  • Link purchase bills against PO#
  • Schedule payments & add payments log against PO
  • Auto close PO when material is received


  • Link default account head for purchase and sales
  • Auto stock inward should have PO# linked with it
  • Outward transfers to have delivery challan print against it
  • Pricing page view in from view rather than table view

Purchase bill

  • Auto update cost price against the product

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