Roadmap 0.19.0

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This release is majorly planned to improve the purchase module with feedback from the existing clients & improving to link with accounts module.

Features included are as follows:

Purchase requisition

  • Purchase requisition to be linked with sales/work order & improve UI/UX


  • While creating GRN add filter of vendor before selecting open PO#
  • GRN print with minimal data
  • GRN Master to add PO# & vendor wise filters & add pagination

Purchase Order

  • PO approval & access rights
  • Include custom products and services rule while processing PO
  • Link purchase bills against PO#
  • Schedule payments & add payments log against PO
  • Auto close PO when material is received


  • Link default account head for purchase and sales
  • Auto stock inward should have PO# linked with it
  • Outward transfers to have delivery challan print against it
  • Pricing page view in from view rather than table view

Purchase bill

  • Auto update cost price against the product

ETA: 12th feb. 2020


The above are planned points, however we might need to add, remove & postpone few points incase if found necessary.



  • We are still working on following points planned in this release

    • Accounts - Payment made against bill payment & general expense [ATTACHED: screenshots of wip]
    • Purchase - PO schedules

    Rest all points are worked upon.

    With this we plan to shift the ETA to 14th feb. for now.

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